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All New jeffmay.ca
August 12, 2009

First I must apologize for not keeping everyone up to date of late! Boiling Point was another success, as we had 80 athletes from Japan, Mexico, Canada and the USA compete in 09. Four Canadian records were broken at the meet.

Please check out www.BoilingPointGlobal.com for more info.

I also want to throw a teaser out there that an ALL NEW jeffmay.ca is in the works! We are plugging away with new content and some new sections that I am excited about sharing with you. Stay tuned!!

I am also back to training hardcore for the fall road race season. I'm lining up some fall races maybe even two marathons, we will see. This has been a weird year as I took on the Head Coaching duties for our club team and I didn't compete in track races for the first time in my career.

The rest of 09 is going to be exciting, thanks for all your continued interest!