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Launching jeffmay.ca 2.0
February 4, 2010

The ALL NEW www.jeffmay.ca is here!

I am really excited to introduce you to the latest and greatest version of my online home. The gorgeous new design and stunning photography really gives the site a new sleek, clean and professional aesthetic, one that I hope you enjoy.

Some of the key additions include, quick links to the Boiling Point website, my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin pages and my very own Blog. The Blog section will be filled with new original content both written and video from yours truly. Video production has become a new hobby of mine and I can?t wait to share my latest creations with you!

So go ahead and add me to your social networks, subscribe to my YouTube channel, post on my guestbook, join the email list if you haven?t done so already and by all means feel free to contact me anytime. Hope you enjoy the new site!