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I am very pleased to welcome you to the all new www.jeffmay.ca! I hope you enjoy the new sleek design and stunning photography. I remain touched and humbled by the interest and daily visits this site receives from viewers like you. I am extremely excited to share much more original content and my new passion for video production with you as well, via my all new blog. I can not wait to see what 2010 has in store for me, and how I can motivate you to fulfill your dreams.

I have always embraced challenges in my life. Whether it was overcoming a physical disability and becoming a Marathon Champion, or the ambition to found my own non-profit organization, I have demonstrated perseverance along the way all while transforming my goals into reality. I can only hope my story will empower you to unleash your own unique abilities and achieve success in the areas of your life that you are most passionate about.

Thank you for visiting

Jeff May