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30, Really????
March 1, 2009

Just wanted to give a quick update. I am sorry for being absent of late!

I turned 30 last month, I can still hardly believe it....where did the last ten years go??? I must thank my parents and girlfriend for throwing me a great party! It was great to see my friends and family come out and celebrate with me.

I have been plugging away on getting things in order for Boiling Point 09 as well as taking on some new roles. At the beginning of the year I was named the President of the Windsor Bulldogs Disabled Sports Club as well as stepping in as Head Track Coach for the club.

I always have new projects running around in my mind these days as my inner Donald Trump (k, I am writing this as I watch celebrity apprentice) is emerging in my old age. So be patient but stay tuned to jeffmay.ca!!!

Thanks again I am always blown away at the support and the number of hits this site recieves! :)