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Name: Terry & Noris
Location: Petrolia, Ont. n0n 1r0 PO Box 1571
Email: ring.a.ding@sympatico.ca
Message: Hi Jeff how\'s it going nice to see the May Telent beening put to use...Keep up the good work... Love: Terry & Noris
Posted: Tuesday, March 9th 8:31pm

Name: Ken Kay
Location: Chatham, Ontario
Email: kkay1@cogeco.ca
Message: I worked with your mom many years ago and remember you as a young lad. Jeff, spoke to your mom today and she told me about your website. Truly impressive, shows what that stuff between our ears can do if we know how to use it. Hope the best for you. Ken
Posted: Wednesday, February 24th 7:00pm

Name: Larry, Sandra & Travis Wagner
Location: Oil Springs
Email: lwagner5@cogeco.com
Message: Hi Jeff, I was watching the Olympics and was thinking of you, so I browsed your site to see what you have been up to. Great site! Keep up the great things you do. We\'re proud of you for touching so many lives. Love the Wagner\'s
Posted: Tuesday, February 23rd 4:04pm

Name: Cheryl & Ron May
Location: Wallaceburg
Email: cheron72@bell.net
Message: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF...congratulations on your new website its awesome! You keep impressing, surprising and inspiring us. Love always Mom and Dad
Posted: Friday, February 12th 1:46pm

Name: Aunt Kelly
Location: Port Huron, Michigan
Email: specialk2790@aol.com
Message: Love the new look. Great job. Love ya...
Posted: Thursday, February 4th 7:33pm

Name: Samantha (@SKDickey)
Location: Chicago, IL
Email: skdickey@gmail.com
Website: Http://skdickey.wordpress.com
Message: Great site - it\'s fancy & I love the colors. The logo is very fresh!
Posted: Thursday, February 4th 4:44pm

Name: Julie Paradise
Location: chicago, IL
Email: jakepar@aol.com
Website: www.communicatestrategies.com
Message: Hi Jeff, Your web site is fantastic - great design, interesting content, easy to navigate - props to you and your team. We first met on Twitter a couple of years ago and you were very helpful to me. I was clueless how to even use it and you were already a pro. I have enjoyed following you ever since. Come back to Chicago for a race some time. Though not in the winter. :) All the best to you. You are a true champion.
Posted: Thursday, February 4th 4:28pm

Name: MIke Hatfield
Location: Wallaceburg
Email: chezdenise@kent.net
Message: simply amazing you are awe inspiring!
Posted: Thursday, February 4th 3:54pm

Name: Yvette Bowsher
Location: Wallaceburg
Email: bowsheyv@lkdsb.net
Message: Great website Jeff! Take care. Yvette
Posted: Tuesday, November 10th 11:02am

Name: Aunt Kelly
Location: Port Huron, Michigan
Email: specialk2790@aol.com
Message: Jeff, I think Sarah is now a permanent volunteer at your Boiling Point Races. She was telling her friend all about it again yesterday (also had her BP hat on). End of the conversation is that you rock!!!! Waiting for you to visit before the summer is gone. Have a cold one waiting for you...... Love you, Aunt Kel XXXOOO
Posted: Thursday, August 13th 8:26am

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